Praying Out Loud

Thoughts from the POL Team

Do you remember when you received your best gift? I received mine in 1947. I’ll never forget it, or that day. While visiting with my friend Jessie, she unwrapped and showed me that gift, she introduced me to Jesus. With table and chairs for an altar, we knelt together in her kitchen and I received the gift of love and redemption. The gift of a whole new life free of the sin, wrong choices and just plain stupidity of my youth. The Savior gave me a gift that has been never ending. I use it over and over again. David prayed in Psalm 25:7, “Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to Your love remember me, for You are good, O Lord.”

We may no longer be youthful, but we are still human aren’t we? Still living in our sinful flesh, chasing after our willful ways, forgetting to avoid the never-ending paths of temptation. How grateful I am to set the gaze of my soul on that eternal gift every time I fall short of His hope for me. Think back, remember when you received that same gift? Don’t forget, you too are His favorite child. He washes you clean with each approach. He forgives you no matter how often you come with a repentant heart. What a gift! The privilege of coming to Him anew, every minute of every day. He gave you His most priceless, measureless gift. Even the angels can’t understand it — but you do.

Pray with me won’t you?

“Thank you Father, for Your gift of eternal abundant life that will carry us into eternity with You.”

Remember that this world is waging war and it promises bad weather. But for you, the welcome mat is always out and His light is always on. He holds out His umbrella and beckons you to come in out of the rain. Go ahead … step back inside, out of the world’s chaos and horrific weather.

God be with you every minute of your day.

We serve you with gladness,

The “Praying Out Loud” Team of Salt Mountain

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