Brothers In Arms

Who are the Brothers In Arms at Salt? They are Spirit-led servants who personify the Father’s love to the wounded pastor.

The Scripture abounds with images of spiritual battle taking place in every believer’s life. The pastor is not exempt from such assaults. He stands, in fact, on the front-lines where the fighting is most brutal. To aid him in his struggle, Salt desires to provide spiritual medics who can skillfully attend to the wounds and weariness of these warriors — men who understand the skill, weaponry and fire power of the enemy.

It is Salt’s ambition to select a small number of seasoned pastors who are examples of God’s grace and compassion. Wise men, equipped to gently lead the battle-scarred soldier back to the solace and sufficiency of his Lord.

Are you a pastor who is an encourager?

Have you personally survived the storms of full-time ministry?

Did God send someone to walk beside you and help you persevere?

Are you a servant of God with the gift of administration and a heart for pastors and their families?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, if someone you know has a heart for this type of ministry, please let us hear from you today.